Hi, I'm Corin!

I moonlight as a jeweller, but really I’m a wide-eyed, story obsessed nature nerd. I’ve been making tiny little things since I was a tiny little thing myself and know that this type of fiddly creativity is as essential to my well-being as sunshine, beetles, and birdsong. The things that I make are products of my ideas and stories, they reflect the places I’ve been, and the person I’ve become.

I’m a lucky jeweller, because I also get to work with other people’s ideas and stories too, which means I’m often as excited about what I’m making as the person I’m making it for. These tasty treats of humanness make a great balance for the meticulous, focused work that goes into the making. Thanks everyone!

Here are some things you might want to know about me:

  •  I’m known for getting lost in the detail and I love finding ways to work out problems the best way; with no Blu-tack or sticky tape.
  • I was born in a hut, on a mountaintop, in Lesotho . My Basotho tribal name is Mohlolo.
  • I’m a glutton for low-level nature based hedonism like sniffing leaves, getting dizzy from dappled sunlight splashing on my closed eyelids, and laying on a warm rock after a cold swim. It really is shameless.
  • Riding my bike is to me what throwing a ball is to a dog. Just, absolutely, the best.
  • I like the internet but I also find it super distracting, so please, send me an email or go hassle me on instagram, and help keep me away from YouTube.